Membership and Shopping

Why become a member?  Your support will help us bring live radio back to the Gulf Islands!  You can bet every dollar helps as we work toward our goals.  We’ve acquired the funds for the engineering survey to identify tower locations and transmission areas thanks to donors who’ve helped support the project. Now we need help with outfitting the production studio which we will use for mastering small program “featurettes” on our online radio. (Listen Online!)

Plus, you will automatically be invited to our romp-stomping on-the-air celebration when we go live!  As a member, you can also attend meetings, join one of our committees and vote at our annual general meeting.  What more could you ask?

$20 Annual Membership

Join the Society and support the effort to get a Community FM Radio station to serve the Gulf Islands and beyond!

$30 T-shirt

All cotton T-Shirt – you’ll be surprised how many you see around town!

Size :

$40 Membership + T-Shirt

In addition to your annual membership, we’ll also send you a sporty black T-Shirt. You save $10 when you join the Community Radio society + get a T-Shirt at the same time.

Size :

$25 Toque

Machine embroidered logo on this great winter toque to keep your head warm all seasons. One size fits all.

$25 Baseball Cap

All Cloth Baseball Cap with machine embroidered logo and adjustable with velcro on the back. One size fits all.

$100 Donation (Automatic Annual Membership)

You are really enthusiastic about the community radio effort, but want to hold the swag.

$50 Donation (Automatic Annual Membership)

You are really excited to get community radio back in the islands, but want to hold the swag

$25 Donation (Automatic Annual Membership)

You really want to help us out, and even have a little extra to donate towards the community radio effort, but hold the swag!

$10 Donation + get a Sticker

Okay, so you’re not ready to commit to a membership? We appreciate any level of help through, so enjoy our nice window sticker.