Thank You!

We would like to sincerely thank all of the people who donated to our Kickstarter Campaign back in May and June.  We were able to reach our $12,000 goal, and the money is being used to pay for our nearly complete engineering study!

We would like to list those supporters who donated to the campaign – we had donations large and small – and every single bit helps the effort to get live radio back in the Gulf Islands.  We feel very confident that we will be successful in our effort to get live radio in the islands.

Thank you to our Kickstarter Donors!

Carolyn Coles
Kathy Murphy
Distractions Kate
Jesse Howardson
Katrina Riccartto
Jordan Clark
Don Clogg
Sarah Cordes
Todd Boston
Debbie Magnusson
Maria Geck
Hans Lussenburg
Theresa Shafer
J.J. Pearson
Sally Holland
Liv Lamour
Sam Chaffee
Larry and Cindy Souza
Vera Algoet
Shalon Sugden
Tom Shiffman
Aaron Hailman
Eden Buday
Premilla Pillay
Bruce Hamer
Debbie Harris Funfer
R.J. Jones
Marga Ashley
A Good Life Design
Emily Verlinden
Sue McKenzie
Rob Pingle
Catherine Diakiw
Daniel Van Koughnett
Stephen and Nicole Kelly
Hannah Brown
Lisa MacIsaac
Mary Lowery
David Hart
Matt Steffich
Andrew Fosyth
John Moore
Sean Moore
Ray Higgs
Erika Verlinden
Jim MacLeod
Galen Armstrong
Damian Inwood
Anonymous (3)

Without everyone’s help this project wouldn’t happen. We are so pleased with not only the local support, but the support of friends both near and far. The board feels very confident that not only will the CRTC application be approved, but that the local island community will support this effort through  commitments from the community to meet the financial requirements to make this dream of live FM radio owned by the community a reality!

We also want to recognize all of the volunteers who have contributed many hours to date.  Every volunteer is gold to the society, and we want to give them a word of recognition as well!

Thank you!

The Board of Directors
Gulf Islands Community Radio Society