Why We Need Community Radio: Gulf Islanders Have Lots to Share, Lots to Learn

By Michael Morse |

Folks, we have a unique spirit that makes us want to be Islanders. Some of us have have been here all of our lives, but many of us have sought out this place from all over Canada and farther afield for its unique blend of people and island lifestyle.

For myself, I first came here as a young man back in the 1970s – it seemed like Heaven on Earth already back then, but work in my chosen field was hard to find, so I headed back inland, one thing led to another and a family came along; but I’m back to stay now. I never gave up that promise to myself that this was my TRUE home, and those other places along the way were just ways to get by until I could get back here.

We need our own radio station to celebrate our identity; both to give a voice to our local artists and people with something special to say to us; and to connect us to the bigger world out there beyond our little shoreline. After all, let us not get too insular and cut ourselves off from the rest of the World – we are Planet Earth citizens today as never before, as climate change and the digital age link us all together in ways we never imagined possible even only ten years ago. Keeping up with how that situation is unfolding and how we can best be part of it is becoming increasingly vital to our future.