Radio Builds Community Like No Other Medium, Says Local Advocate Dan Miller

By Dan Miller |

Among modern communication media most resembling ancient oral traditions of storytelling and song – which sustained, informed and entertained humanity for millennia – is radio.

My love of radio stems back to a childhood fascination with the first portable transistor radios in the 1960s. In those days, FM was the rising star that was hoped to save the medium after it was driven out of living rooms everywhere over the preceding decade by television.

Radio was not to be my profession for another twenty years, by then well past the glory days of FM, but just on the verge before another challenging new medium, the internet, made its rise in the early ’90s. While other traditional media struggle to cope, radio holds its own admirably and, while not unchanged, today thrives on the internet. Radio shares with the internet at least one key quality: hotness or immediacy.

Among the unique qualities of audio-only media such as radio, is that it’s likened to a theatre of the mind. Epitomized by the radio-plays of the 1930s and ’40s, radio gives the imagination of the listener free reign. Radio’s obvious strength is as a vehicle to deliver perhaps the most communicative of all human languages, music.

When it comes to helping build and strengthen local community, radio truly shines. Whether connecting local businesses to their customers, supporting local artistic and cultural expression, or providing timely and important information about local and current events, community radio can foster stronger bonds amongst neighbours, and help forge stronger regional identity, not to mention act as ambassador welcoming the many visitors that descend on the islands every summer.

Many ancient oral traditions teach that if something helps create stronger, healthier bonds between folks, it is probably wise. I am sure the ancestors would see the wisdom in creating a not-for-profit community radio station from scratch. Not only for today, but also for future generations. That’s why I am happy to help.

-Dan Miller (aka Dano Hammer)
GICRS Operations Coordinator
Former CFSI general manager
Former show-host of CFSI’s “Hip Hop on the Rock”