Keep them Laughing in Heaven Arvid Chalmers!

It is with great sadness that Salt Spring Island lost one of its most beloved comedians in Mexico last night. Arvid Chalmers passed away while on stage in Melaque Mexico. Arvid was dearly loved for his candid and clever humour.  He and Sid Filkow often shared the stage, and would have the crowds in peals of laughter.

Arvid’s most beloved character he portrayed was dowdy Maggie MacCaffery of Scottish Heritage (pictured here). Maggie charmed everyone, with her local gossip, sometimes lusting after Sid’s character Les, and always with a sprinkle of gentle truth or practicality.  Maggie was definitely the world’s best woman at ironing.

Arvid’s claim to fame with local radio was when he did a skit during the opening celebration of CFSI going on-air, and translated CFSI to “Can’t Find Saltspring Island” Radio. That turned out to be one omen that plagued CFSI on Salt Spring Island throughout its five years on-air.

We at Gulf Islands Community Radio Society would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Arvid’s family as well as those near and dear to Arvid. May he continue creating great roars of laughter in heaven.

The Board of Directors
Gulf Islands Community Radio Society