Community Radio Profile: Musician, Author and Authority on Dreams Toko-pa

Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News, BBC Radio and her writing appears in publications around the world. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about community radio, which is coming soon to BC’s Gulf Islands. If you would like us to post your profile (even if you live beyond BC), send your answers to the questions below, along with a photo of yourself, to To support the station by becoming a member, please click here.

Which island do you live on?


Why are you excited to have community radio on the Gulf Islands?  

Where commercial radio leaves us feeling sensorially overloaded yet hungry for substance, community radio draws us into intimacy. Rather than the glossed-over, auto-tuned sameness we get in the mainstream, community radio opens us to alternative voices, meaningful conversation on local issues, and gives a platform to the many gifted musicians that populate our islands.

If you had a radio show, what kind of show would it be?

It would be some mash-up of roots & soul music, poetry-bombs and interviews with enlightening folks.

What is the first song or interview you would like to hear on Gulf Islands Community Radio?

You’d have me for life if you played some Morlove and interviewed Nick Bantock about his dreams.

Thank you, Toko-pa!