Radio: The Voice of the Community

By Peter Harnisch ~

My dream of becoming a radio host was realized when I was given an opportunity to host ‘The Shift’ on formerly Green FM on Salt Spring Island. And what an experience it was! ‘Green’ myself, my idea for a show was accepted and I was trained to do live radio! Absolutely thrilled, I was given creative freedom to develop the show, host some amazing guests and play some really cool music. What really made the experience magical was that I was able to work with many talented radio hosts that had a wide variety of shows and that I was being supported and trained by then fabulous station manager Radha Fournier.

Community Radio has such great potential and I feel that it would benefit Gulf Islanders in so many ways. The diverse and somewhat eclectic programming offered material that was current, relevant and touched the pulse of the Gulf Island communities. I so loved that the radio hosts and shows spanned the interests of a broad section of the community. The radio hosts were ‘real people’ that I would frequently run into on Salt Spring Island and we would often exchange programming ideas over coffee as to how we could bring new and exciting content to the listeners. Community radio helps give a community a voice so bringing radio back to Salt Spring Island has my full support!